How to Connect a Wireless 360 Guitar Controller to XBox 360

By Todd Bowerman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Rock Band 1 or 2

  • Guitar Hero (any 360 compatible version)

  • 2 AA batteries

Wireless guitars provide you with more room to rock.
i guitar cable image by Darko Draskovic from

Wireless is the only way to rock. Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360 feature wireless guitars. Wireless accessories allow players to focus on fun instead of worrying about getting tangled or accidentally disconnected in a moment of pure rock and roll fury.

Connecting Guitar Hero Guitars

Open the battery compartment on the back of the Guitar Hero wireless guitar and insert two AA batteries.

Turn on the Xbox 360 console and your Guitar Hero wireless guitar. You can find the power button for the guitar on the front face, right next to the directional pad. Insert your Guitar Hero game and allow it to load.

Press the sync button on the Xbox 360. The 360’s sync button is a small circle located underneath the memory card slots.

Hold the sync button on your Guitar Hero guitar. As the guitar looks for a connection, you will see the four lights on the guitar and your Xbox 360 flash. When these lights stop flashing and only one is illuminated, you can release the sync button.

Use your strum bar to page through the Guitar Hero menu. If you can successfully navigate the in-game menus with your guitar, you are ready to begin playing.

Connecting Rock Band Guitars

Insert two fresh AA batteries to the battery compartment of the guitar.

Turn on the Xbox 360 console and load your Rock Band game. Additionally, turn on your Rock Band Guitar by holding the large, semi-transparent button found on the guitar’s face.

Press the sync button on your Xbox 360. You can find it just below the memory card slots.

Click the sync button on your Rock Band wireless guitar. The guitar’s sync button is a small white button found in the place where an amp cord would go on a real guitar, right below the whammy bar.

Test the connection by attempting to navigate the in-game menus with the strum bar on the guitar. If you can interact with the menus, you are ready to rock.


Guitar Hero wireless guitars are compatible with both Rock Band 1 & 2; however, you cannot play Guitar Hero using a Rock Band guitar. This feature is unique to the Xbox 360 versions of the games. Always power down your accessories when you are done playing to preserve battery life.