How to Remove Closed Captioning

By AlexVoong

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Remote control

  • Cable provider or analog signal

Use your remote control to remove closed captioning.
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Closed captioning is a function intended to assist the hearing impaired while watching television. It is also helpful in sound-sensitive situations such as a gym, sports bar or at home with others in the room. Text appears on the screen describing the audio heard on the program; this can include speech and sounds such as a dog barking. Transcriptions of audio are displayed on a black background in white text in a banner format. Most newscasts and major networks provide closed captioning to their viewers, although not every TV program has captioning capability. A cable provider is not necessary to receive closed captioning on your TV; an analog signal will also provide closed captioning.

Find and select either the Setup/Settings/Menu or Closed Captioning button on your remote control from the original television set. Different TV brands use different words on their menus. On some remote controls, the button may be labeled "CC."

Navigate and select the "Closed Captioning" option in the menu by using the arrows or channel up and down buttons. This could also be labeled "Audio," "Language" or "Subtitles."

Turn the Closed Captioning to "Off" using your remote control navigation arrows. You may need to select "Enter."

Navigate to the "Exit" tab of the menu and hit "Enter" to resume regular television programming. Alternatively, press the "Exit" button on the remote.


The user manual for your TV might contain information on removing closed captioning.

The "Menu" on some TVs is accessible from the buttons on the television itself.


Using a universal remote control to remove closed captioning might not work due to compatibility issues with the television. If possible, use the original remote control provided by the maker of the TV or a universal remote created by the same company.