How to Fix Data Corrupted Games for PSP

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Sony PSP

  • USB cable

When your PSP displays corrupted data, you simply need to move the games to the correct place.
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The Sony PSP is a portable gaming device. It plays PSP/PSX games and can also play downloaded homebrew games. If you place these homebrew games in the incorrect place on the PSP memory stick, you will be presented with a "Corrupted Data" title. This occurs when you place the game into the wrong game folder. This is easily fixed.

Turn on your Sony PSP and connect it to your computer via the USB cable. Select "USB Connection" from the PSP menu to place the device into USB mode. A window will appear, giving you access to the PSP memory stick.

Locate the game that has the corrupted data title. It will be located in the "PSP" folder, inside the "GAME150" folder. Right-click the game file and click "Cut."

Go back into the "PSP" folder and locate the "GAME" folder. Right-click the folder and click "Paste" to move the game into the proper folder. Press the "O" button on the PSP to safely disconnect the PSP from the computer after the transfer completes.

Go back into the PSP menu and you will now see that the game does not present the corrupted data title. Select it with the "X" button to play.