How to Delete Stuff on an Advanced Map for Pokemon

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Advance Map program

  • Pokemon ROM

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Aspiring game designers can use the Advance Map editor for the Pokemon series to create their own maps and events for the game. This program is available online for download and uses ROMs of Pokemon games as the starting point for maps. You can add different parts to each map from objects to characters to Pokemon. If you make a mistake or need to take out aspects of your map, you can delete these objects with methods that differ for each aspect of the map.

Deleting Obstacles and Map Areas

Open the map you wish to delete obstacles from. Available maps are located on the left side of the Advanced Map editor. Click the map to load it into the viewer to the right.

Select the dark blue block in the top-left corner of the block toolbar. The toolbar is located on the right side of the screen.

Click your mouse over the object or area you want deleted. Each area you click will turn dark blue, signaling that the object or area has been deleted.

Click “Movement Permissions View” from the toolbar at the top of the map viewer. Numbers and letters will appear on your map.

Select “C” from the numbers and letters listed on the right side of the viewer where the block toolbar used to be. The “C” represents an area that a character can pass through. Click the deleted area to change the value to “C.” The area is now open and ready to be rebuilt or left deleted.

Deleting Pokemon

Launch the map you wish to delete wild Pokemon from. Click the “Wild Pokemon View” tab from the top menu.

Click the box next to “Type” to see which Pokemon appear in the area. The Pokemon that appear in the grass, water, or trees, or through fishing will be listed.

Select the drop-down box featuring the name of the Pokemon you want to delete. Scroll to the top of the box and select “Please Choose.” This removes the Pokemon from the area.

Click “Save” to update the Pokemon data for the map.

Deleting Events

Open the map you wish to delete events from. Events are people, signs and warps with which the player's character can interact.

Click “Events View” from the top toolbar above the map viewer.

Scroll down to “Event Manager” on the right side of the screen. Note that there will be numbers listed next to “Amount of People,” “Amount of Signposts,” “Amount of Warps” and “Amount of Scripts.”

Click the down arrow next to the number to delete events from the map. If there are multiple events of one type, you cannot control which event is deleted.


Only download Pokemon ROMs for games you own. Downloading ROMs for other Pokemon games is an illegal practice.