How to Convert an M3U to an MP3 Online for Free

By Manuel Paucar

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Text editor (Notepad or Wordpad)

  • M3U file

  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • M3u Converter

It's easy to transform files to mp3.
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More than often, people misunderstand the concept of M3U. First of all, M3U is not a music file, but a compilation of different music files. In other words, it's a playlist (in fact, it's the link to a playlist). Said playlist points your web stream to the MP3 files when placing the link on the Internet browser. M3U files are often used in broadcasts and radio shows. Besides those applications, they are kept in the computer's disk as “storage" for music files. Nonetheless, having a playlist can result bothersome to some people who would like to have their music in playable files, such as in MP3 format. There are two ways of converting M3U files into MP3 format; and both of them are fairly easy.

Manual Conversion

Right-click on the M3U file and choose the "Open with" option. A box will appear. Scroll down and search until you find the text editor software.

Select the text editor software and click on “Open.” A notepad or WordPad will open, with the link to the MP3.

Copy this URL and paste it into your Internet browser's address bar. After that, you will be redirected to the mp3 file, which you can download and save.

Using M3U software

Download the Axara sotfware ( Install the program and launch it when installed.

Go to the options located in the bottom part of the program. Click on the "Add File" button. Search in the folder where your M3U file is located. Select the M3U file and click on "Open."

Go to the topmost part of the box and select the "Convert to MP3" button. Wait until your M3U is converted to MP3.


The manual method is far better than the method which uses M3u converters. It’s faster, and you don’t expose your PC to possible outside threats, such as viruses or spyware.


The manual method is preferred among users due to its security. However, if you need to convert more than one M3U at the same time (and without delay), it’s better to download the program.