How to Make a 3-Fold Flyer

By Kim Blakesley

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Paper

  • Printer

Making a three-fold flyer or tri-fold brochure is an easy and common project for individuals with access to a computer, printer and the right software program. The setup is the most difficult step in this process, along with loading the flyer in the printer correctly so the printing will appear in the same direction on both sides. Microsoft Word is suitable for creating three-fold flyers, but specialized programs such as the newest Photoshop or Page Maker can help you design flyers as well.

Open a blank document in your word processor program. Set the paper orientation to landscape by opening the "Format" drop-down menu, then selecting "Page" or "Page Setup." Set all margins to 1/2 inch.

Set the page visibility to 100 percent using the "Zoom" button found under the "View" menu.

Click on "Format" then "Page," and set the columns to three columns with a 1-inch space between each column. Extend the document to six columns by holding down the "Ctrl" button and pushing the "Enter" key. The six columns will span two pages. Each page of three columns will produce one side (the front and the back) of the flyer.

Click on "Tools," "Options," then "View." Check the boxes next to "Text Boundaries" and "Paragraph Marks." Press "Enter" and "Insert Break." Click "Column Break" and "OK." Repeat this process in all six columns. This will set up both the front and the back page for easy insertion of flyer information.

Insert the flyer information in all six columns. Page one is the inside of the flyer, and page two is the outside. The flyer title page should go on the left column of the second page, followed by information across all three columns of the first page, followed by the conclusion or contact information on the second column of the second page. Print one copy, a page at a time. After printing, flip the first page and insert it back into the printer paper feed so that the second page will print on the blank side.

Tri-fold the test page to make sure everything is aligned correctly. Holding the paper horizontally with the front page facing up, fold the right side two-thirds of the way across the page. Overlap the right side by folding the left side across to the fold line on the right edge.

Make any necessary adjustments and print as many copies as needed.


A printer that prints on both sides at once is the ideal printer for this project.

Rather than one document of two continuous pages, separate documents of one page each may be set up for producing the front and the back of the flyer. This is advantageous when printing on a single-sided printer. The entire first print run may be made. Flip the pages over and make the second print run with the second page.