How to Make a Rap Beat in Audacity

By Ian Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

Make rap beats in Audacity.
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Audacity is a freeware music editing and production program that supports both Windows and Mac OS. In Audacity it is possible to add multiple audio tracks and even generate effects such as bass boost, delay and echos. When creating a rap beat, it is necessary to utilize post production software like Audacity to perfect the final product. This will allow the song to be fine-tuned and ready for release on an album or demo.

Download a rap beat loop. A loop is a sample of a beat that is only a few seconds long. Go to (see Resources) and choose an option from the side menu. This includes Free Beats, Battle Beats, West Coast Beats and more. Click the "Play" icon beside the track to preview and click the "Download" link to download the track.

Open Audacity. Go to the top menu and select "Project," then "Import Audio." Browse for the rap beat loop and select "Open."

Repeat the loop. Go to "Edit," "Select" and "All." Click "Effects," then "Repeat." Enter the number of times to repeat and click "OK." The length of the track will be listed under the number of repetitions.

Add effects. Go to the "Effects" tab and select an option. Choose to change the pitch, add bass boost, delay and much more.

Save the track. Go to the "File" tab and select "Save Project." Enter a file name and click "Save."

Export the track. Go to the "File" tab and select "Export as MP3." Enter a file name and click "Save." To export an MP3 track it is required to have the Audacity Lame MP3 Encoder installed. Go to the Guides and Tutorials website (see Resources) to download and install this encoder if you do not have it already.