How to Make Your Own Desktop Background Collage

By Mallory Chandler

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Images

  • Image editing program

A collage using newspaper clippings and letters.
i Old fashioned in memorian card collage image by Jean Paul Beumer from

The need to express oneself and personalize one's surroundings is a basic part of human nature--we see it in the cars people drive, the clothing they wear, the color of cell phone they choose. Computers are no different. Beyond their basic functions as data and communication devices, computers offer many options for colors, themes, icons and desktop pictures. Most computers come with several different options for background pictures, but if you'd like, you can make your own.

Decide what images you'd like to use, and what you want the tone of your background to be. If you love music, consider using the album covers to all your favorite bands--conversely, if you love nature and the outdoors, a mix of various trees and butterflies might be more your style.

Copy and paste your images into an image-editing program, such as Photoshop. Most programs operate by means of a system of layers--every time you past a new image, it is put on another layer, making moving and overlapping images very easy. You can switch between layers via a window marked "Layers," usually on the right side of the screen.

Rearrange the pictures in any way you wish, in whatever order you find pleasing. Overlapping images with bright colors will create a loud, energetic collage while side-by-side images with softer colors will create a tranquil, orderly scene.

Move your mouse up to the "File" menu at the top left hand, and select "Save as." Save your file as a JPEG (.jpg) to a location you'll be able to find it easily.

Right-click on the file, bringing up the pop-up menu. Most computers will have a "set as desktop" option; if yours does not, you can right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on "Properties." In the window that pops up next, you will find the "desktop" tab. Hit the "browse" button, and you'll be able to select your image.


You can also scan your own images to use in your collage, or make one by hand and then scan the whole thing!