How to Use the Scanner on an HP Printer

By Art Corvelay

Updated September 15, 2017

HP manufactures the "All-in-One" line of printers. HP All-In-One printers provide you with multiple functions besides just printing. For example, you can scan, fax and copy with HP's All-In-One printers. Scanning a document is a useful function, particularly if the recipient doesn't have a fax machine. If you own one of these printers but have never scanned a document, you may not know how to properly scan a document.

Turn on the HP printer and your computer.

Open the scanner lid on the printer and place the document you want to scan in the bottom right-hand corner of the scanner bed.

Close the scanner lid.

Press the "Scan" button on the printer's control panel. This is located on the front of the printer. The scan button has a small icon of a scanner next to it. The HP scanning window automatically appears on your computer.

Click "Finish" once the scanned image is displayed on your computer. The image is saved onto your computer.