How to Walk on Walls in the Dead Space Video Game

By Nicholas Schrandt

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Dead Space game

  • Computer/console

i Space view image by Sophia Winters from

In the video game, Dead Space, your character has magnetic boots which allow him to walk on walls when in a zero-gravity environment. Being able to jump from surface to surface is extremely important as the game progresses.

Enter a room that has zero-gravity. Your magnetic boots will automatically activate, locking you to the floor.

Scan the room for possible enemies.

Find the location on the wall you wish to walk on and aim at it. On the computer press the 'mouse 2' button. On the PS3 and Xbox 360 press the left trigger down.

Jump to that wall by pressing the 'Ctrl' key if you are playing on the computer, the triangle button if you are playing on the PS3 or the Y button if you are playing on the Xbox 360. Your character will launch himself off the floor and land on the wall.

Walk as you normally would on the floor or in a non-zero-gravity area.


Using this jump can be a fast and easy way to escape a dangerous situation.


Enemies lurk in almost every room so never let your guard down.