How to Create an Invoice in Access

by Maureen BruenUpdated September 28, 2017
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To create invoices in Microsoft Access, use the Time & Billing business office template. Microsoft Office provides a variety of online templates that can be used in Microsoft Access. The Time & Billing Access templates have a project list feature with reporting options. One of the reporting options available is invoicing. The Time & Billing folder, accessible under the Templates section in Access, contains a Time card that can be used to track both billable and project hours for reconciling Access invoices.

Launch Microsoft Access.

Click "File," "Time & Billing" under the " Templates" section. You can also access the "Time & Billing" folder under "Business Templates" or if needed, use the " Templates" search box to find this template folder. See References, if needed.

Open the "Time & Billing" folder and click on the "Time & Billing" template to display the "Project List" window.

Click the "Reports" drop-down menu and select "Invoice" to create your invoice using the default information associated with your invoice.


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