How to Transfer Files to an XBox 360 Hard Drive

By Charles Poole

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360 console

  • USB flash drive

  • USB hard drive

  • Computer

  • Media server software

  • Wireless router

  • Internet access

Learn how to transfer your files to the Xbox 360's hard drive.
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Transferring files to your Xbox 360 console can increase productivity and turn your gaming system into a full-fledged media center. Most people would like to get their music, movies, and pictures on their system so they can be viewed on a television or played through a home stereo. Xbox 360 consoles can be intimidating if you don’t have advanced knowledge of their system capabilities or how to navigate their dashboard. Here are the three main ways to get your music, pictures, videos and game-saves from an exterior source onto your Xbox 360’s hard drive.

There are 3 ways to transfer files to your Xbox 360 console.

Go to your computer and put the files that you would like to add to your Xbox 360 into their own folder. Open your disk-burning software and put the folder onto the disc. Burn the disc through your software and wait for it to complete. Take the disc out of the DVD tray in your computer. Turn your Xbox 360 on and open the DVD tray. Insert the CD into the DVD tray and click on it. You can then transfer your files onto the hard drive by choosing “Copy.” The files will copy over to your hard drive and you can use them through the dashboard on your 360.

Use a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive to transfer your music, pictures, or video to your Xbox 360 hard drive through the USB port. Make sure you are using a flash drive or a hard drive that is compatible with the Xbox 360 console. If you aren’t sure whether your flash drive or hard drive is compatible, you can check it out on the compatibility chart at the Xbox website. When you connect your drive to the Xbox 360, it will come up as a removable device instead of as a memory device.

Use a media server to pick up your Xbox 360’s wireless signal. When you connect your Xbox 360 console to the wireless network in your house, you can use your computer to pick up your Xbox 360’s hard drive on your computer. Download a media-server application to your computer so you can gain access to the Xbox 360 hard drive. Click on the media server access through your computer and you will be able to drag and drop your files. If you’re using Windows, this can be done through Windows Media Center.


Always check out the compatibility list before you invest money in a USB device.