Fun Sleepover Games for Boys

By Aya Pauli

Updated September 22, 2017

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Sleepover parties for boys may be harrowing for most parents, but they can also be a thrilling experience for kids. As long as you plan appropriate refreshments and entertainment, the slumber party is likely to be a success. Although movies are a traditional entertainment choice, fun games provide a break from staring at the television and help burn off energy so there’s a chance the boys will fall asleep at a decent time.

Balloon Volleyball

Replace the ball with a balloon for a volleyball sleepover game that’s safe to play indoors. The game requires a round balloon and a paper streamer net across the floor. The boys break into two teams and “walk” on their knees to play volleyball. Any boys that stand add a point to the opposing team’s score.

Cartoon Charades

Make an amusing game of charades even more fun by focusing the selections to cartoon characters. The boys' sleepover game consists of two or more teams that take turns selecting cartoon character cards. One boy on the team reads the card and tries to mime the character while the remaining team tries to guess the cartoon’s name. If miming doesn’t excite the boys, they can use a chalkboard to play Pictionary and draw a picture of the cartoon.

Body Part Guessing

Put a new twist on the Halloween “body part” story by turning the whole thing into a guessing game. The basic activity tells the story of a boy who lost his body parts and uses different bowls with a food item in each one to represent each body part. Each boy sticks his hand in the covered bowl to feel the body part at the appropriate point in the story. For the guessing game, each boy tries to guess what he is actually touching.

The guessing game parts can include peeled grape eyes, dried apricot ears, baby carrot toes, sliced tomato lips and a chilled spaghetti noodle brain. If the boys are old enough, they may enjoy a little trick with the game. Instead of a food item to replicate tongue, use a harmless and gross chilled cow tongue. A warning before the game about not touching faces until the game is over and everyone has washed his hands will prevent contamination from the tongue and cause intrigue among the boys.

Flashlight Treasure Hunt

Use glow-in-the-dark toys and flashlights to throw a treasure hunt. The game requires hiding small glow-in-the-dark toys around the house and/or yard. The boys split into two or more teams and use a list of hints to discover as many glowing treasures as they can.

The boys play the game in the dark and use a flashlight to move around. The flashlights dull the glow of the toys, which means each team will have to move and then switch off the lights to find the treasure. This technique not only helps lengthen game time, it forces the boys to think and work together to find the prizes.