How Do I Find Out which Version of Xbox One I Have?

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

In order to ensure your console has the latest security patches and features installed, Microsoft periodically delivers system updates to the Xbox One. Usually, you must confirm to install the update. If you're not sure whether you have the latest update, you can verify your firmware version at any time. This information is available within the system settings.

Boot your console to the dashboard. If it's already running, press the Guide button to swap to the dashboard. You cannot check the operating system while you are playing a game or using an app.

Press "Menu" while on the dashboard, selecting "Settings" when it appears. If you have a Kinect active, you can instead say "Xbox, go to Settings." However, you'll need a controller to navigate the Settings menu.

Select "System," followed by "Console Info." This page displays all information about the Xbox One, including the version of the operating system in the third row. You can check your version against Microsoft's version history (see References).


You can also check the current operating system while you're actively installing an update. Press the left and right bumpers and triggers at the same time to bring up a screen displaying the operating system version.


It is not possible to roll back an Xbox One update without a factory reset; removing one update requires removing every update. Resetting your console with the intention to avoid updates means you won't be able to use Xbox Live, however; only up-to-date consoles are permitted online access.