How to Connect to Netgear Routers

By Hollan Johnson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • 2 Ethernet cables

  • DSL or cable modem

The back of a router.
i ADSL Router image by Phil2048 from

Routers are devices that hook up to cable or DSL modems and allow either one computer to have wireless Internet access or for multiple computers to use the same Internet connection. Netgear routers can be either wired or wireless, and they come with four ethernet ports so that four computers can be connected to the same router. Netgear routers work with both Mac and PC computers, and they can be connected to both types of computers in the same fashion.

Plug the Netgear router into the electrical outlet/wall socket and connect the DSL or cable modem to the router using one of the ethernet cables. Plug the cable into the ethernet port on the router that says “Internet Port.”

Connect the computer to the router using the second ethernet cable, inserting one end of the cable into the computer's ethernet port and the other end into one of the four available ethernet ports on the router.

Open your web browser and type “” or “” in the address bar and press "Enter."

Input the user name ““admin” and the password “password” in the log-in window that appears.

Click on the “Setup Wizard” and click “Yes.” It will automatically detect your Internet connection type. Click "Next."

Configure the router. You can use the username and password provided by your ISP, or select others. Click "Apply."

Select “Wireless Settings” then "Wireless Network" and name your network, if your Netgear router is wireless. Select the level of security you want your network to have (WPA or WPA2 ) under "Security Options" and input a new password for your router.


If you have a wireless Netgear router you can connect to the Internet without the use of the ethernet cable once you have set up the router.