How to Insert SD Card Into HP Laptop

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • SD card reader

  • SD card

SD card.
i sd memory card broken image by Tom Stewart from

Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are used today in most digital cameras and even by some wireless phones. The removable flash memory can house images, videos and just about any other form of data. You can even transfer information from the SD card to your HP laptop computer. Depending on the computer model you have, you either already have a built-in SD card reader or you will need to install an external one.

Check the sides of your HP laptop for an SD card slot. This slot is roughly an inch wide and just a few millimeters tall. If you do not have such a card slot you need to purchase an external card reader. These readers are available at most electronic stores (and even larger general-merchandise stores like Walmart and Target).

Connect the external SD card reader to your laptop via a USB cable that runs on the rear of the card.

Slide the SD card into the card reader (either the external reader or one built into the HP laptop). You can hear a slight clicking noise, which means it has locked into place.

Push the card in slightly when you are done with it. This unlocks the SD card and it pops out of the card reader.