Governor of Poker Game Cheats

By Derek Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Cheats can give players an edge on
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"Governor of Poker" is an Internet-based Flash game available on a number of websites. The goal of the game is to compete in poker tournaments and cash games, win all of the money and purchase all of the properties in each town. Cheats can give you an edge in playing the game and make reaching goals faster.

Always Win

When the dealer first begins to deal cards to the players, type "POKERTEN" on your keyboard. It is possible that the code many not work at first, and you may need to type it multiple times. When the code is working, you will receive an ace or king of clubs in each hand. Your hand will always be the best hand. You should bet aggressively to maximize the amount of money made per hand.

Replay a Losing Hand

When you lose a hand, you should show the losing hand, and then close the game as quickly as possible. Open the game and log back in. The previous hand will now start from the beginning. The results will be the same, so keep that in mind before attempting to make bets.

Next Day

When you are running low on funds, simple select the "New day" option. When the new day is over, select it again. With each day, you will earn money depending on the properties that you own. Once you have enough money, you can either continue to play in tournaments or cash games. You can also buy all of the properties, and then buy a horse to travel to other cities. Once you have bought a horse, you will advance to a second level with higher stakes tournaments and games. The second level is significantly more challenging than the first.