How to Set Up an XBox Live Silver Membership

by Chappy SinclairUpdated September 22, 2017

The Xbox Live Silver membership is available for free to all Xbox 360 owners. This basic membership grants access to the Xbox Live Marketplace, home to all game demos and Xbox Live Arcade titles. Netflix, content previews and chat sessions are all accessible by Silver members. One of the primary benefits of Xbox Live--multiplayer gaming--is not available to Silver members.

Turn the Xbox on. Remove any game or DVD from the disc tray. Scroll to the "My Xbox" tab.

Select "Join Xbox Live." Read the Terms of Use. Press the "A" button to agree to the Terms of Use.

Use the virtual keyboard to enter a "Gamertag," which will be your identity associated with Xbox Live.

Create a Windows Live ID. If you already have one, you can associate it with your Xbox. Otherwise, you will be required to create a new one. Enter a language, date of birth, name, address and valid email address. Accept the Terms of Use by pressing the "A" button.

Select the "Silver Membership" option. Select a gamer picture. Select a gaming level (for a Silver account, it does not matter which one you choose). Press "A" to complete the registration.


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