Games to Play With Your Wife

By Gerri Blanc

Updated September 22, 2017

Romantic games can help in any relationship.
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Marriage can often seem a romance-killing event that creates boredom between two once-very-much-in-love partners. When you find that you have not been spending that much time with each other and would like to rekindle your desire for one another, try playing some couples games.

"What I Love About You" Game

A game that does not have any rules or regulations, nor any winners or losers, this game will help you and your wife to better understand what you see in each other. Start by telling your wife one thing that you love about her. Tell her that you “love the way her hair glistens in the moonlight” or “love the way she wrinkles her nose.” Your wife then uses her turn to tell you something that she loves about you.

Strip Games

Though the most popular stripping game for couples is strip poker, you can play any game that follows the same format as poker where there are multiple rounds in one game. For instance, you can play a trivia game and whenever you or your wife answer incorrectly, a piece of clothing comes off. Therefore, you should put on as many layers as possible to make the end result—you and your wife wearing nothing at all—all the more exciting as you anticipate it.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

For a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, you can lead your wife on a hunt to find you with little notes hidden in parts of your house. If your wife will come home from work later that day, attach a note to the front of the door or somewhere else that’s noticeable telling her where to go next for the subsequent clue in the form of a riddle. For instance, you can tell her to “Find a book written by a 19th century female author.” She then will search for the book, and in it, she’ll find another clue. This process continues until she finds you waiting for her with something special you can give to her for all her hard work.

Strangers in Love

If you’re having trouble finding ways to spice up the romantic side of your relationship, consider meeting your wife at a public place like a bar or restaurant as if you don’t know each other. Carry on throughout the night talking about yourselves, and finally, when the night is over, invite her back to your place for a night cap.