How to Delete the XBox Gamertag

By John Leonard

Updated September 22, 2017

An Xbox Gamertag is your online handle for games played over the Xbox LIVE network, as well as a method for tracking achievements on offline games. If you plan on upgrading from an original Xbox console to an Xbox 360 console, you may wish to transfer or delete your old Gamertag profile. You should also delete your Xbox Gamertag profile before giving away or selling your original Xbox console, so that the new owner can’t access your information.

Power on your Xbox console.

Select “My Xbox” from the main menu.

Select “System Settings,” and then select “Memory.” Go to “Hard Drive,” and then “Gamer Profiles.”

Use the left analog stick to scroll through the list of Gamertags until you find the one you wish to delete. Select “Delete” and follow the on-screen prompt to confirm that you wish to delete the Gamertag.


If you’ve used your Gamertag online and have an active Xbox LIVE account, you can return and restore your Gamertag at a later date.