How Do I Get NBC on Dish Network?

By Paul Davis

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Satellite dish

  • Programming package through Dish Network

Dish Network offers numerous channel choices.
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Dish Network Corporation is one of the leading satellite service providers in the United States and Mexico. Aside from cable channels, Dish Network offers local programming in many areas of the country. Because many people demand local programming from affiliates such as NBC, some users wonder whether their NBC affiliate channel is available with a Dish Network programming package. You can determine whether or not you can receive your NBC channel with some simple computer navigation or a phone call to a Dish Network customer service representative.

Computer navigation can take you to Dish Network.
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Open the Dish Network website in your computer browser. Click on the tab labeled "Packages" in the top left corner of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the "local channels" link. A new page will emerge. Type in your address and press "Enter." You will be alerted as to whether you are eligible to receive NBC programming in your area.

A Dish Network customer-service representative can help you verify your order.
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Contact your local Dish Network customer service representative once you have verified that you are eligible for local channels. You can add NBC programming to your current programming package over the phone. The average additional fee for Dish Network's local programming is $5.99 per month as of April 2010.

Two- and four-digit numbers characterize local channels.
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Review the programming card that was delivered with your satellite dish. This card will disclose your local channels in the form of two-digit and four-digit numbers. If you cannot find your programming card, you can navigate the Dish Network website as described above to locate your NBC channel.


If you do not have access to Internet service, contact a Dish Network customer service representative to locate your NBC channel.


Not every area in the continental United States offers local programming through Dish Network.