How to Open BIN Files in Mac

By Priya Hariharan

Updated September 28, 2017

Open BIN File In Mac
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When you click on a BIN file on the Mac computer and get an error, your computer probably does not have the application to open the file type. There are a lot of helper applications that would open the BIN files on Mac, but Stuffit Expander is a free and a reliable application that can open all types of BIN files on a Mac computer.

Install Stuffit Expander on your Mac computer. You can download the application from This is a free application offered by Mac.

Double click on the BIN file that you want to open. Usually, the Stuffit Expander will launch automatically and starts decoding the BIN file.

Click on the Stuffit Expander icon on your desktop to launch the application if Step 2 does not work. Wait for a few seconds until the application window opens.

Click “File” on the Expander window and choose “Expand” from the file menu.

Choose the file you want to open from the browse window that pops up when you select the “Expand”. Click “ok”. The application begins to decode the BIN file. It places the decoded file in the same folder as the original BIN file.

Drag and drop the BIN file into the Stuffit Expander window as another option to open the BIN files. Navigate to the BIN file in the Window Explorer. Launch the application. Drag the file from the Windows Explorer to the application. The decoding process begins automatically.


Try to install the Stuffit Expander 5.0 or higher for better decoding. The older versions do not extract certain data like the routing information.

If the steps listed above do not work, the BIN file might be corrupted.