How to Become a Beta Tester and Get Free Stuff

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Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Playtest registration

  • registration

  • Bzz Agent registration

  • Apply to test products for Amazing Products

  • House Party registration

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Beta testers are individuals who try newly created or updated products before release by companies to the general public. As a beta tester, your job would be to give feedback on how well a particular product works and to identify strengths and weaknesses, so the product can be changed, revamped or corrected. In most cases, no monetary compensation is given. However, you are able, in many instances, to receive free products for agreeing to do beta testing.

Sign up for Microsoft Playtest. They are seeking testers to play and offer opinions on new Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC games. You first must sign up and provide information on the kinds of game genres you most like to play. Your information then gets put in a database. When a game study that matches your criteria comes up, you will be contacted. If you are picked for a particular study, you will be provided with the location of the study. You will be rewarded with free software. While all ages are welcome to participate, children 12 years old and younger must have a parent enroll on their behalf and give signed consent within a month of signing up. You are limited to a maximum participation in one study every couple of months. While most testing is in the Seattle area, Microsoft Playtest also offers some opportunities to those who live in other areas of the country.

Test products and give a female viewpoint on them. When you join as a member of She Speaks, you are entered into a large database to test products. You have to take an initial survey to determine your interests and hobbies to match you with the best products. Once they find individual products suited to your interests, they invite you to try them, mail them out for you to try for free and keep if you agree and send you a survey to get your opinion.

Register for Bzzagent. Register for free and get the opportunity to try free new product samples, then spread the word about products you like.

Apply to become a product tester for AmazingProducts. They seek individuals to try new As Seen On TV home and garden gadgets and offer honest feedback on what you find both positive and negative about the products. After you apply, you will be contacted by email with a request to provide a 500-word product review. If you are approved, you have to wait to be randomly selected to test products.

Consider signing up for House Party. The objective is to throw a chosen-themed house party for friends and family members or both. All you need to do is extend an invitation to come over and take a look at some specific new products from companies like Hasbro, McDonald's, Gerber, Kraft Foods and more. View upcoming party events at their website for the parties you want to host. You get free party favors, food and products sent to you.


Be honest and follow through on what is required of you to receive free products.


Be wary if any beta test opportunity asks you to pay a fee to participate.