How to Update XBox 360 Games

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 22, 2017

Update your Xbox 360 games by logging into Xbox Live.
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For more than a decade, game publishers have updated PC games to patch errors or released new content. But this process is relatively new for console publishers. With the advent of online gaming, Xbox 360 gamers have been bombarded with updates since the console's 2005 release.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and log into Xbox Live. You don't need the Gold level pay-based account to update your game. Game updates are provided for free with the Silver account level.

Insert the game disc you want to update into your console's disc tray. The game will begin to boot up. You'll be alerted if there is an update for your game.

Select "Yes, update now," to allow the console to download and install the update from Xbox Live.

Select the storage device for the game update. After you make your selection, a progress bar will appear. Your Xbox 360 may restart after the installation completes.