How to Fix a PSP Break Black Screen

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Hand towel

  • Compressed air

Sometimes modifications to a PlayStation Portable's operating system can cause the LCD screen to fail to light up when it is turned on, staying black and making the PSP unusable.You can fix the LCD screen to restore its brightness. You do not need to open up the PSP or alter its operation in any additional way to eliminate this problem. Restoring the brightness will not harm the PSP in any way, although modifying the PSP in the first place voids the Sony warranty.

Place a hand towel down on a table. Put the PSP face down on the towel with the disc door lid facing away from you.

Remove the battery lid from the left side of the bottom of the PSP using your fingers. Remove the battery from the battery compartment with your fingers.

Blow out the battery compartment with the compressed air. Put the battery back into the battery compartment with your fingers. Put the battery lid back on the PSP with your fingers.

Turn the PSP face up on the hand towel with the PSP logo at the bottom facing you.

Push up on the power switch at the lower right corner of the PSP.

Press down twice on the right trigger that is at the front right edge of the PSP with your finger.

Flick the power switch up with your finger. Hold the right trigger down with your finger.

Flick the power switch up with your finger. Wait as the Recovery menu appears on the PSP LCD screen, which should light up.

Follow the commands on the LCD screen to reset the PSP. Wait as the PSP resets. Push up on the PSP’s power switch with your finger. Wait as the PSP boots and the LCD screen, which is no longer black, displays the Home menu.


Run the PSP off the AC power adapter when you fix the LCD screen so that it is no longer black when the power is turned on.


There might be a hardware problem that can not be fixed if the LCD screen stays black.