How to Convert Movie Maker Files Into MP4 Files

By Andrew Schrader

Updated September 28, 2017

Windows Movie Maker files are the same format as Windows Media Videos (WMVs): the default video type for all PC Windows computers. Converting your WMVs to MP4s requires buying or downloading conversion software from the Internet, since your computer does not come with an appropriate program. You have a number of options, including AVS Video Converter (freeware for download) and websites such as Media-Convert or Zamzar, which allow users to upload the videos they want converted directly to their site. These sites require no software and are free of charge to use. Users receive email notifications when conversions are complete.

AVS Video Converter

Download and install AVS Video Converter (see "Resources"). Agree to the terms of use and run the program on your computer.

Click the "Browse..." button next to "Input File Name" to enter a pop-up window and locate the WMV on your computer you want converted. Choose to open it in AVS.

Click the "To MP4" button at the top of the AVS screen.

Click the "Browse..." output file name button to define your MP4's file path (where it will be saved on your computer) and click "Convert Now!" to begin conversion.


Go to Click the "Local File Conversion" tab near the top of the screen.

Click the "Browse..." file button on the left side of the screen to find the WMV file on your computer you want converted in the pop-up window.

Select "Windows Media Video (.wmv)" from the "Input Format" drop-down menu.

Choose "MPEG-4 (.mp4)" from the "Output Format" menu.

Enter your email address in the "Advanced Settings" menu if you want to receive notification when your conversion is done. Click "OK" to accept the terms of use and begin the conversion. If you choose not to receive an email alert, you will be re-directed to a new window with a download link where you can retrieve your video.

Go to Click the "Convert Files" tab in the main screen.

Click the "Browse..." button under Step 1 to locate your WMV in the pop-up window and open it in Zamzar.

Select "mp4" from the list of options in Step 2.

Enter your email address in the Step 3 box so Zamzar can notify you when conversion is complete.

Click the "Convert" button in Step 4 to agree to the terms of use and begin the conversion. Your email alert will contain a download link where you can retrieve the MP4 file when the conversion is done.


Some loss of audio/visual quality may occur, due to compression standards.

Please allow several minutes to several hours for conversions to finish.