How to Win the Lottery in "Pokemon Ruby"

By Perry Piekarski

Updated September 22, 2017

The daily lottery drawing in "Pokemon Ruby", held in the Lilycove Department Store in Lilycove City, gives you the chance to win some incredibly useful prizes. By matching the ID numbers of your Pokemon to the drawn number, you can win a PP Up, Exp. Share, Max Revive, or the grand prize -- a Master Ball. The numbers are matched from the last digit to the first of each ID number, with a single-digit match warranting no prize.

Fly to Lilycove City. You can also head there via Route 121 or surf there via Route 124.

Head toward the Lilycove Department Store. Save your game before entering.

Enter the Lilycove Department Store and talk to the desk receptionist on your right when you enter. This woman is in charge of the lottery, and will tell you when you have a match and win a prize.

Reset the game if you don't win a prize. The lottery number resets each time you reset the game.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you win the lottery and receive a prize. You can only play the lottery once each day.


The more Pokemon you have from other trainers, the more chances you have to win the lottery. Since each trainer's Pokemon have a unique ID number, trading with as many other trainers as possible greatly ups your odds of winning.

These steps also apply to "Pokemon Sapphire."


The only way to win the lottery is with an exact number match. If you have no Pokemon from other trainers, you should trade before trying to win any of the lottery's top prizes; otherwise, it could be a long time before you actually win.