How to Make a Football Highlight Tape on the Computer

By UzoO

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • Movie Maker software (Windows)

  • iMovie software (Mac)

  • Compatible computer

  • Digital video camera

  • USB cord

  • Writable DVD

Individuals can make football highlight tapes on a home computer.
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Football highlight tapes consist of a team or player’s best plays cut up into a single production on a DVD or, not so long ago, on a videocassette. Highlight tapes are an important tool for scouting players. The slow-developing nature of football makes the highlight tape a necessity for scouts, coaches and general managers to gauge a player as efficiently as possible. With the latest updates to the modern PC, the process of making a highlight tape on your home computer is more practical than ever.

Record football plays. Point your camera at whatever or whomever on the field is the subject of your highlight tape, and record your subject’s every move from play to play and game to game. Stop recording between plays in order to save room on your tape or your digital memory card. This will ensure that you spend no more than 10-15 minutes of tape per game--even less if you are solely recording either offense or defense.

Start a new “project” with your video editing program, and then load your footage onto your computer by connecting your video camera to your computer with a USB cord. With Movie Maker, your PC will open a dialog box to help you load the footage, or you can click “Capture Video” on the home screen. With iMovie, click the “Camera Import” button in the upper-left-hand corner. Both programs load your video in clips; thus, your footage will be separated into clips of each play since you stopped recording between plays. In each video program, you will be given the opportunity to make choices about how to store your video based upon your own preferences for location and available disk space.

Begin editing your video. All of the editing to individual clips can be done by playing the clips and cutting and pasting the ensuing bars that appear in the “project area" (located at the bottom of the screen) as the clips are playing. You can then edit the sequence of the clips, cut clips out or join clips together by dragging and dropping your clips from their position in the “storyboard” to the project area.

Add titles, labels, transitions and other special effects to your highlight tape. You can drag these effects from the available menus to the project area. Simply place the effects in the project area at points where you would like them to appear in your highlight tape. Some effects to consider are titles of games, labels for players, spot-shadowing of players, and music to add a sense of anticipation.

Insert your writable DVD into your computer and upload your project to a DVD. In Movie Maker, select “Save to DVD.” In iMovie, select iDVD from the “Share” menu. Each program will ask you to customize your movie with names, file locations, and in the case of iMovie, menus and buttons.