How to Copy Music From YouTube to a CD

By Isaac Carlson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • CD burning software

  • Blank CD

Copy music from YouTube to a CD today.
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YouTube is a popular hub for video and media that often contains content that is hard to find elsewhere. Fortunately, in more recent times, it has become possible to add music taken from YouTube videos to your personal music collection. Converting YouTube videos to audio and creating a CD for your personal use is a fairly simple process that can be completed relatively quickly.

Go to YouTube and locate the video whose music you would like to transfer to a CD. Click on the video.

Copy the URL of the video by highlighting the URL in your web browser. Then right-click and select "Copy."

Open up a new tab or window in your web browser and go to your preferred video conversion website. Paste the YouTube URL into the text box. You can do this by clicking inside the text box. Then, right-click and select "Paste." If the "Download" option is not on the home screen, press the "Enter" key on your computer to be taken to the next page.

Click "Download" on the video conversion website. This will convert the YouTube video into an MP3, which will be downloaded onto your desktop. Repeat this process for as many YouTube videos that you would like to put on your CD.

Open your CD burning software and create a new playlist. This can be usually be done by clicking "File" and selecting "New Playlist." Type in the title for your new playlist, such as "Youtube Music."

Drag the newly downloaded YouTube songs from your computer's desktop into the playlist you have just created using your CD burning software.

Observe the total playlist time information in the bottom-center or right side of the software's window. Blank CD's typically hold 74 minutes worth of music. If your playlist exceeds this amount, delete songs until your total playlist time is equal to or less than 74 minutes.

Click "Burn Disc" or "Start Burn" once you have determined that all of your music can fit onto the blank CD.

Insert the blank CD. The copying of music from your computer to CD will begin immediately. When the burning is complete, you will hear a ringing sound indicating it's successful.