How to Fix an Unformatted PS2 Memory Card

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 22, 2017

Format your memory cards before use.
i memory card image by Eisenhans from

The Sony PlayStation 2 saves all its game data onto memory cards that are inserted into the front of the device. When you first purchase the memory cards from a store, you are going to notice it doesn't instantly save information because the storage devices are not formatted. Before you can begin using the PS2 memory cards, you must first format the cards.

Power on the PlayStation 2 without a game disc and insert the memory card into one of the available slots on the system.

Choose "Browser" on the main menu of the PlayStation 2. The memory card appears on the screen. Select the memory card.

The PS2 will recognize that the memory card is not formatted and will ask whether you want to do so. Select "Yes" to format the card.

Exit out of the menu screen, and the memory card is now ready for use.


You can't reformat a damaged card with this process.