What is the Tech Find in Final Fantasy X Blitzball?

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

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Tech Find is one of techniques that can be won in tournaments and leagues in the Blitzball mini-game in “Final Fantasy X.” Unlike the other techniques, there is no way to actually equip or use Tech Find. The sole purpose of this technique is to allow a player to access a technique she would not normally be able to learn.

Purpose of Tech Find

Each Blitzball player in “Final Fantasy X” has his own list of techniques he can learn. A player with excellent stats might not be very useful if she has a bad list of learnable techniques. Tech Find can be used to unlock one technique slot on a player. This will allow that player to learn the technique, which originally would not have been available. Tech Find does not actually give techniques to players. It gives players the ability to learn a technique.

Finding Tech Find

Tech Find cannot be learned from other Blitzball players. The only way to get Tech Find in “Final Fantasy X” is to receive it as a prize. Prizes in Blitzball tournaments and leagues are randomly selected, so there is no consistent way to get it to be available. Tech Find will not necessarily be the first place prize, so it is possible a player might have to intentionally lose games to get it.


Tech Find works with every player in the game, but not every technique. This technique cannot be used to unlock techniques that are unique to the main characters in “Final Fantasy X.” This means Tidus’s “Jecht Shots” and Wakka’s “Auroch Spirit” cannot be unlocked on other characters using Tech Find.

Most Useful Players

There are two Blitzball players that Tech Find is notably useful on. Nimrook has the highest Catch stat, which determines how well he can block shots when playing as the goalkeeper, but a weak technique list. He is notably missing Anti-Nap, which helps prevent Nap Shots from putting him to sleep. Tech Find can be useful for boosting his Anti-Status effect skill list. Keepa has the highest Shot stat in the game, but very few shooting techniques, because his main role was as a goalkeeper. Tech Find can be used to give him some shooting techniques to use him effectively as a forward.

Disadvantages of Tech Find

The main disadvantage of Tech Find is that it takes a long time to actually win. Blitzball players with bad technique lists typically require multiple uses of Tech Find to get all the skills she needs to be viable. Good players who have slightly lower stats can by default learn most of the more useful techniques. For example, Wedge has almost as high a Catch stat as Nimrook and learns most of the Anti-Status effect techniques by default. It would take much less time to train Wedge to be a goalkeeper than Nimrook for this reason.