How to Connect a Nintendo Wii to a Computer Monitor

By Josh Fredman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Video converter, composite to VGA or HDMI (or DVI)

  • Audio combiner (in some cases)

A good monitor can provide you with a better gaming experience than an old television set.
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Game time! If your computer monitor is new, large and supports high-resolution graphics, while your television is an old, small, cathode ray tube set, then, when it comes time to play video games on consoles like the Wii, you might prefer to hook your Wii up to your computer monitor instead of your television. However, monitor video is not the same as television video, and so the process for hooking a Wii up to your monitor is complicated. You will have to buy a video converter to do it. This setup does not require the use of an actual computer, just a monitor and speakers.

Purchase a video converter. On the Wii side, the converter will need a standard yellow RCA video jack for composite analog video signals. On the monitor side, the converter will need either an old-style VGA port, or a newer HDMI port (or a DVI port), depending on your monitor's hookups. The Wii itself does not produce high-definition video, so don't spend money on a converter with an HDMI port unless your monitor has no VGA hookup. This piece of hardware will cost you from $30 to $200 and can be purchased online or at most larger consumer electronics stores.

Plug your Wii's RCA red and white stereo audio cables directly into your computer speakers. If your speakers only have a single RCA audio jack, then you will need to use a mono-to-stereo combiner cable, which has red and white ends for your left and right stereo, and a black end with the combined signal. You can then plug the black end into your speakers.

Plug your Wii's yellow video cable into the jack on the video converter.

Connect your monitor's data cable into the appropriate port on the video converter.

Read the converter's operating instructions to see what video options you will have once you start up your system. Most converters will give you the ability to adjust the aspect ratio and the screen resolution. Some higher-end converters will also provide you with other options.

Fire up the Wii and test out a game to make sure your connections are sound. Adjust the settings as needed. Remember that the graphics will not be any better than the Wii itself is capable of producing, so, for example, don't expect HD performance simply by plugging the Wii into an HD monitor.


Do not buy a low-end converter, as these can degrade the video signal. Likewise, a very high-end converter is not necessarily either. You can usually get a good converter for $60, as of 2010.

Note that Nintendo's official position is that it does not recommend hooking up your Wii to a computer monitor. However, there is little physical risk to your hardware; Nintendo is more concerned with video degradation, which may result if your connection is not sound or your converter is shoddy.