How to Get Copies of Text Messages on Another Phone

by Lita McLearyUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Computer with Windows Operating System

  • USB data cable

  • Mobile phone

Whenever you need to have backup copies of your text messages, you can transfer them to another phone. You can do this by transferring the text messages to your computer, and then transferring them to another mobile phone. There are also several programs that can be downloaded from the Internet that perform the same task.

Connect your mobile phone to the computer using a USB data cable. Insert the compact disc (CD) included in the mobile phone package. The computer will detect the newly attached mobile phone and inform you that a new device/hardware has been added. If you do not have the CD for your mobile phone you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download your mobile phone’s software from there.

Launch the mobile phone software and click on the "Messages" tab. Select the messages you want copy, and then click on the “Copy” button. Right click on the destination folder in your computer where you prefer to save the copied messages and then select “Paste.”

Safely remove the USB data cable attached to your computer from the first phone and connect the second mobile phone. Launch the mobile phone’s software and click on the "Messages" tab. Navigate to the folder where you saved the messages earlier, then select the message you want copied to the second mobile phone. For multiple messages, you may hold the “CTRL” key on your keyboard while selecting the messages you want to copy. Right click on the selected messages and select “Copy.” On your mobile phone software, right click on the “Messages” tab or window then select “Paste.”

If you no longer have the CD for your mobile phone and you can’t find the appropriate software on the Internet, check if your phone is SIM card capable. If it is, a SIM card reader may be used. Open you phone Inbox or Outbox and copy the messages to your SIM card. Turn off your mobile phone and remove the SIM card, then insert the SIM card into your SIM Card reader. Attach the SIM card reader into your computer’s USB port. Launch the SIM card reader’s software and copy the messages from the SIM card. You can then transfer these copied messages to another phone.

Forward the messages from your first mobile phone to your second mobile phone. Simply open the text messages one by one and select "Forward" or "Forward Message." Enter the mobile number of your second phone and send the messages.


There are several software applications that allow users to save backup copies of their text messages (See Resources).


Different mobile phones may have varying text message formats. To avoid any errors, make sure the mobile phone you are copying messages from and will be transferring the messages to have compatible text message formats.


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