4X4 Games for XBox 360

By Jessica Jewell

Updated September 22, 2017

4x4 off-road games for Xbox 360 are fun for the whole family.
i extreme off-road image by krysek from Fotolia.com

Regardless of developer or publisher, off-road games are some of the most popular games on any video gaming console. While there are countless Xbox 360 off-road games on the market, such as popular titles "Dirt," "Pure" and "Baha International 1000," only a few games specifically target 4x4 vehicles. Though few in number, 4x4 games for Xbox 360 are well developed and usually appropriate for all age groups and skill levels.

4x4 Evo 2

Developed by Terminal Reality for most major game systems, including Xbox 360, "4x4 EVO 2" is a popular sequel to the "4x4 Evolution" series. The game is primarily an off-road racing game. It distinguishes itself from its predecessor in that game play features additional trucks and new tracks in extreme off-road environments. In "4x4 Evo 2," players can also customize their trucks to various specifications, including modifications to the engine, wheels, tires and suspension. The game is rated "E," which means it is suitable for all ages; originally designed for the Xbox console, this game is also playable on Xbox 360.

ATV Quad Power Racing 2

Developed by Climax for Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., "ATV Power Racing 2" is a platinum hit racing game featuring ten of the world's most successful 4x4 riders, in addition to ten customizable trucks and ATVs. The game has 15 track levels, and players can earn points through various tricks. In addition to riding styles, you can customize your rider's attack moves to deter your competitors. "ATV Quad Power Racing 2" is an Xbox title playable on Xbox 360 and is rated "E" for all ages.

4x4 Off Road III

Developed by Avalon Style and published by 1C Games, "4x4 Off Road III" is the final installment in a popular series of off-road racing games. The game itself is currently in a preview stage and will be made widely available in 2011. Game features include a variety of vehicle choices, all of which can be heavily modified. "4x4 Off Road III" expands on the already numerous off-road and extreme locations in the previous series. A special feature for the Xbox 360 gamer is the split-screen play mode, which can be used via a multiplayer setup onsite or online with invited Internet guest players. The game is rated "E" and is suitable for all ages.