How to Fix Problems With MSN Games Installer

By Michael Davidson

Updated September 15, 2017

Fixing MSN Games Installer is a quick process.
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MSN Games Installer is used alongside the MSN Games page to download and install multiple free and paid-for games from the Microsoft server to your hard drive so you can play them whenever you want. MSN Games sponsors tournaments with the chance to win cash prizes. The installer can sometimes not function properly and either not allow the game to download properly or cause other unusual behavior in your system while it is trying to install. Fixing Installer is normally an easy process if nothing else is wrong with your computer.

Verify the system requirements. Each game has its own specifications that are required for the game to work properly. If the game is not installing correctly, it may be because your computer doesn't have the appropriate specs. If it doesn't, the game will not install or function properly.

Restart your computer and turn off any unnecessary programs. Programs can frequently interfere with each other, and turning them off should make the installation go faster and with fewer problems.

Clear your Internet cache. Likewise, you may have some cookies or Internet files that are conflicting with your download and installation. Delete them to see if the installation works better.

Empty the Windows Temp folder. You can do this by clicking on "Run" in your Start menu. Type "TEMP" in the pop-up window and once the folder pops up, use the Edit menu to select all the files and delete them.

Reinstall the game. If the game still does not install correctly, you may need to have your computer looked at or contact MSN customer service.