How to Create a Newsletter in Sharepoint

by Glenna ParksUpdated September 28, 2017
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Creating a wiki-like newsletter using SharePoint is an easy way to exchange information with coworkers or family members in a collaborative, shared environment. Using SharePoint, rather than a blog or a Word document, lets each contributor add to the newsletter, sharing insights or upcoming events in a living document. You can also print out SharePoint newsletters to share them with others offline.

Launch SharePoint and choose "Create" from the "Site Actions" drop-down menu.

Select "Sites and Workspaces" from the "Web Pages" menu.

Give the newsletter a title and description. You may also designate a URL at this time.

Scroll down to choose a template. Select "Document Workspace" and click "Create."

Within the "Modify Settings and Columns" drop-down menu, select "Create Columns" to choose a format for your newsletter.

Write or solicit content for the newsletter. You can also copy and paste content from your company's or group's wiki.

SharePoint automatically signals users to changes within the newsletter at a default monthly interval. You can change the alert to be more or less frequent within the "Options" tab.

Print the newsletter from the "File" menu to post it on a communal bulletin board or in another public place for viewing.


Upload supplementary information to SharePoint via the "All Documents > Upload Document" tab.


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