How to Close a Web Page in iPhone Safari

by Brandy AlexanderUpdated September 28, 2017
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In addition to being a phone and iPod, Apple's iPhone is a mobile Internet device that allows you to surf the Web using the Safari browser. As you get accustomed to the features, you may have questions about how to manage your open Safari Web pages so that you can remove old content or be able to store the new pages of your choice. With your iPhone in hand, you can easily close a Web page in Safari with just a couple of actions.

Turn on your iPhone by pressing the "Sleep/Wake button" button on the top rim or the circular "Home button" on the face of the phone. Slide your finger across the "Slide to unlock" prompt on the touchscreen and enter your password if you have one set.

Go to the Safari icon at the bottom of the screen and press this icon to bring up the browser. If you have rearranged your icons, scroll to the new location that you assigned to your Safari browser.

Press the box icon at the bottom right to bring up all of the Web pages that are currently open in Safari. The number on this graphic represents the number of sites open on your iPhone.

Move your finger from left to right across the screen to navigate to the page that you want to close and then press the white "X" in the red circle to close the Web page. Click the "Done" button when finished. This action brings you back to a browser page and the box icon now displays a reduced number to reflect the closed page.


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