Homemade Online Gift Cards

By Serena Spinello

Updated September 22, 2017

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Instead of purchasing an everyday generic gift card, you can customize your own online. Aside from being easy to do, personalizing homemade online gift cards shows the recipients that you put time and thought into creating the cards. You can make gift cards by using your computer's word program or by downloading an existing online gift card template.

Themes and Types

Before making the gift card, it’s wise to consider the person you’ll be giving it to, the occasion and what the certificate will be for. These factors play into the way it will look and how you will format it. For example, it may be for a specific holiday, birthday, achievement or anything else. The occasion and your relationship to the recipient both play a role; if it's business related, the gift card should be more conservative than that of one for a close friend’s birthday.


After deciding on the theme and style, you’re ready to start making the homemade gift card. Apollo's Templates (www.Apollostemplates.com) offers 12 different certificate templates that you can customize and print. Once you’ve accessed the template, you can add things like your name, a business name, contact information and a logo.

Take note that in order to download many of these templates, your computer needs to have Adobe Acrobat or Reader. If you don’t have it and there’s no prompt on the template page to access it, you can download Reader by visiting its website.

DLTK's Printables (http://www.dltk-kids.com/) is another site where you can follow the templates to create your own gift card. Do this by clicking on one of the categories on the left side of the page, including Gift Tags, Certificates or Awards. Each section gives step by step directions to customize your card with assorted images, fonts and colors. The site offers a range of themes and options; however, it caters to children. Find additional templates and online gift card sources in the Resource section below.

Other Tips and Ideas

You can also create an online gift without using an existing template. For example, you can scan a picture or upload clip art graphics to a regular word-processing program and build on the card from there. Print the card on special paper (card stock or colored) for a nice touch. Additionally, you can copy and save the template or card to one of your computer folders and open or paste it into a program that you are familiar with (such as Microsoft Word), to further modify the size and details.