Wii Sports Golf Cheats

By Daniel Westlake

Updated September 22, 2017

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The Wii's gaming console allows you to control the characters onscreen based on your movements in real life, as the controller corresponds to a sensor bar on the television and the Wii itself. A game given out when you buy the Wii is Wii Sports, which has a number of different sporting games available on it. Golf is one of them and has a number of helpful cheats to make you better then anyone you are paired up with.

Hole in One Each Time

This one takes a little bit of practice as far as cheat codes go, but it really works if you can make it happen. When selecting your character or characters before the golf match starts, press "B" 5 times in a row before selecting your character. Then on the Mii selection page, do the exact same thing by pressing "B" 5 times in a row before selecting your Mii character. When you start the game you should get all holes-in-one every time you hit the ball. However, this may not work every time as it is based on the timing of when you hit the buttons.

Immediate Pro

There's a way to become classified a "PRO" in golf without even playing one round. When you type in your name in the Mii settings page before you play Wii golf, simply type the word PRO after your name. After submitting this, hold down the 1 & 2 buttons while you select which game you want. Not only will you be classified as "PRO" in the game, you will also begin with 1000 points, which you must attain to become "PRO" in the first place.

Perfect Beginner Course 3

When playing the beginner course in Wii golf, there is a way to hit a perfect shot every time and usually sink your ball in two strokes. On the third hole, look on the map to find an island far to the left of the fairway. Aim and hit the ball onto that island and then you will have a perfect shot at the green and an excellent chance at sinking the ball in a mere two strokes, upping your rating and your overall score.