How to Troubleshoot a Dynex TV With No Audio

By Patrick Nelson

Updated September 28, 2017

Dynex televisions are found exclusively at consumer electronics big-box-store Best Buy. Dynex is a trademark of Best Buy. The televisions tend to be a little bit cheaper than some of the better known brands, but are manufactured with the same components—usually sourced from the same suppliers as any other television manufacturer. Dynex products also include cables, DVD players and computer components, among other items.

Check that the television is turned on and make sure the power is plugged.

Try another channel if you can’t hear the audio. It may be a channel-specific problem.

Turn to a channel you know should have audio and press the "Volume Up" button on the remote control. Look for the volume bars on the television, which should appear. If they don’t, replace the batteries in the remote.

Press the "Mute" button a few times to verify mute isn’t selected.

Make sure the television source, such as the cable box, is switched on, and press the "Input" button a few times to rotate through the different source selections.

Check that the television isn’t set to an alternative audio source, like Spanish language for example, when there isn’t an alternative audio channel. Press the button marked “MT/SAP” repeatedly to select the audio language. The on-screen display will alternate between SAP (which stands for Second Audio Program,) “Stereo” and “Mono.” Leave the television set to “Stereo.”

Turn the television and any source boxes off for a few minutes.

Check that all the cables are secure on the back of the television and on any source you may be using, such as a cable box.

Turn it all back on again.