Samsung Cell Phone Instructions

by William PullmanUpdated September 28, 2017

For many years, Samsung has manufactured cell phones for many different phone networks. Though there are differences in the design and features on each phone, the basic functions of the phone, including battery and SIM card placement, making calls and sending text messages, are all easy to learn and intuitive.

Batteries and SIM Cards

Samsung phones require a battery, supplied with the phone, and a SIM card to run properly. There are several models of Samsung phones, such as the i900 Omnia and the F480, that include a variety of extra applications that can be used without a SIM card connected to a network. If you want to make calls, send messages or connect to the Internet, however, the SIM card needs to be installed.

The battery and SIM card are housed in the same compartment on the back of the phone. Removing the back cover will expose the SIM card slot. Slide the SIM card into the slot with the contacts facing down. Make sure that it is secure in the slot. The battery for your phone will rest over or next to the SIM card. Place it in the phone and replace the cover, making sure it is secure.

Making Calls

The call function for all Samsung cell phones is made when the phone is in “Idle” mode. “Idle” mode is when the screen is lit up and no other functions or applications are being used. The style of Samsung phone you are using determines how you put it in “Idle” mode. For flip phones, opening the phone or touching a button while the phone is open and conserving power will turn on the screen and place the phone in “Idle” mode. For slide phones, sliding it open or pressing any button while it is open and conserving power will place it in “Idle” mode. Samsung block and touchscreen phones are placed in “Idle” mode by pressing one of the soft keys under the screen.

Once in “Idle” mode, dial the number using the keypad or touchscreen and press the “Send” button. The “Send” button is located over the “1” on all phones but touchscreen phones. On touchscreen phones, the “Send” button is located to the left and under the screen. The “Send” button will have phone handset symbol on it, usually colored green.

Text Messaging

Sending text messages with a Samsung cell phone is easy, though it may take some navigation through the menus to find the text feature. When you want to create a new text message, press the “Menu” button on the phone. The “Menu” button may be a standalone button on the keypad or touchscreen, or it may be an option found on the screen that requires you to push the left or right soft key. Once in the main menu, search for and highlight “Messages,” “Messaging” or something similar. On the next screen highlight “Text Message” if appropriate, and “New Message.”

Once you are on the “New Message” screen, type the message using the keypad or touchscreen and enter the recipient's number. Press “Send” to complete the text message.

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