Free Golf Games to Play on the Computer

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Golf is a relaxing sport, but setting up a green time, as well as dealing with other golfers and unpredictable weather conditions, can cause a lot of stress. Instead of going through all of that work, golfers can easily enjoy free golfing games on the computer. These games require no downloads and encompass almost every aspect of golf. Instead of visiting multiple game web sites, a collection of free golf games is conveniently located at Net Golf Games.


Visit Net Golf Game’s homepage. The main page lists some of their most popular games. Read a short description of the game to decide what to play and click the link. The web site also splits the games up into different categories located at the top of the page. These categories include “Crazy Golf Games," “Mini-Putt Games," “Golf Simulators," “New Golf Games” and “Top Golf Games."

Mini Putt Games

Choose one of the Mini Putt games from the web site. “Putting Mad” pits players on realistic greens to see how fast they can get golf balls into the hole. “Mini Golf Pro” recreates popular holes on a mini golf course. Players must click and point their club to hit the ball and aim towards the hole. "3D Mini Golf” is a more detailed mini golf game where players must look at the angles and shapes of obstacles on the course.

Golf Simulation

Players looking for the real-life golf experience should try a simulator. “Flash Golf 2001” uses flash animation to recreate the golf game. The game features wind speed, multiple pars and realistic clubs. “Golf Master 3D” looks like a console game and showcases fully detailed 3D courses. Players have the option of using the 3D view, overhead view or both. “3D Champ Golf” is another realistic game where players choose different club sets and play on courses based off real golf courses.

Pitch Practice

Two games on Net Golf Games feature pitching practice. Instead of driving the ball towards the hole, the ball starts around 100 yards away and players attempt to make it in the hole with one try. “Pitch & Putt” is a simple 2D version that features multiple holes, positions and hazard spots. “Power Chip” is 3D and features realistic ball physics for more accurate shots.

Alternative Games

Players looking for the goofy side of golf can enjoy alternative games. “Gavin the Pro Golf Goblin” lets players release their frustrations by attacking golfers, destroying golf carts and tearing up grass around the golf course. “Disc Golf” replaces the golf ball with a Frisbee that must be thrown into a targeted circle. “Driving Mad Golf” requires players to hit as many balls as they can onto the green within a certain time limit.