How to Put ROMs on My Modded XBox

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windows PC with FTP software

  • Modded Xbox running Evolution-X

  • Network hub or router

  • LAN cable

The original Xbox can control SNES and arcade games.
i Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from

If you're still running an original Microsoft Xbox, odds are you're ready to get a bit adventurous with the console. When the Xbox was first released, a steady stream of games kept the machine's owners interested. But with many Xbox enthusiasts moving onto the Xbox 360, the original machine lives on in the emulation community. If you own a modded Xbox, you may be wondering how to add emulation software and start building your ROM collection.

Downloading ROMs

Use your PC-to-emulation software if none exists on your Xbox. One site for downloading such software is provided in the Resources section.

Use your PC to download ROM files. There are many websites that provide ROMs for whatever system your Xbox emulates. One list of ROM files for the popular emulator MAME is provided in the Resources section.

Unzip your emulation software to a directory on your desktop. Open this directory in Windows Explorer.

Copy your downloaded ROM files to the \"ROMS\" directory for your emulation software.

Transferring ROMs

Connect your Xbox to the network hub or router using the LAN cable.

Turn on your Xbox. Evolution-X will start automatically.

Open Evolution-X's \"System\" section and choose the \"Network\" area. Your Xbox's IP address will be displayed.

Open your PC's FTP software and connect to your Xbox's IP address.

Use your FTP software to transfer the folder containing your emulation software, including all files and subfolders, to the Xbox's \"E\" drive.

Creating a Menu Item

Use your FTP software to navigate to the Xbox's \"C\" drive and download the file \"menu.ini\" to your desktop.

Right-click the file \"menu.ini.\" Choose \"Open With...\" then select \"Notepad.\"

Scroll to the section marked \"Apps.\"

Without deleting any existing text, add the following text to a new line in the file (note the lack of a space after the comma):

Item \"[your emulator name]\",\"e:[your emulator directory]\default.xbe\"

If you are installing MAME, for instance, the text to add would be:

Item \"MAME-X\",\"e:\MAME\default.xbe\"

Save the file and transfer it back to your Xbox's \"C\" drive, overwriting the old file. Restart your Xbox. Your emulator will be selectable from Evolution-X's \"Apps\" section.


Before editing the \"menu.ini\" file, it is wise to save a backup that you can transfer to your Xbox in an emergency.