How to Add an External Antenna on a Toshiba

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Toshiba flat screen TV

  • External antenna

  • Coaxial cable

Connect coax cable to the antenna/cable input.
i coaxial cable connection image by Michael Shake from

An external antenna for a Toshiba flat screen TV attaches through the antenna/cable input. In fact, any coaxial cable connection will attach via this input, through which the highest quality 1080i broadcasts can be received. Any other devices that connect to the TV should use HDMI cable connections for the highest resolution.

Connect the antenna coaxial cable to the antenna/coax input on the TV set. The coaxial cable connection of a male F-connector is the threaded screw-on connection on the back of the Toshiba TV. The coaxial connection from the cable is either a screw-on or push-on type.

Access the input for the antenna through the onscreen prompts with the remote control or from the TV's menu button. The TV screen will automatically configure itself when either Antenna or Cable is selected as an input.

Press Menu on the remote control to open the TV’s directory. Four buttons on the remote are used to access navigation of the menus. The four buttons are Menu, Ch. Return, Enter and Exit. The Ch. Return button is a back button that returns the menu to the previous active state. Exit closes the on-screen menus. The four direction buttons that surround the Enter button in the center of the remote are used to control up-down and left-right movement of the active cursor.

Choose the Installation section. The Installation menu is the far right graphic in the row of six menu options. (Once the Installation menu is active, it's box turns white; all other menus are light blue, to indicate they are not selected.) Selection of menus are made with the left-right direction buttons, which Toshiba calls Navigate buttons.

Choose the antenna/cable option in the Installation menu. It is the first option listed. The Input Configuration button permits selection of either Antenna or Cable through the set’s coaxial input. Select the Antenna option.

Choose the Terrestrial menu. Terrestrial menus are: Input Configuration, Channel Program, Channel Add/Delete, Channel Tuning Mode, and Signal Meter. Selecting Channel Program automatically scans and saves all available channels. Channel Add/Delete displays a list of all these channels, and permits individual on-off selection. Signal Meter provides a graphic real-time depiction of channel signal strength, as well as additional signal statistics.

Watch over-the-air (OTA) stations through the antenna connection setting. Any OTA signals are broadcast in multiple bands, as well as the highest resolution currently broadcast.


The Toshiba set automatically exits all menus and returns to regular channel viewing after 30 seconds.


The Set Up/Guide button is meaningless and not active for setting or adjusting Toshiba Regza TV functions.