Adult Flash Games for the Wii

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

There are several fun, adult flash games available for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii comes with a free download of the Opera Internet Web Browser, and Wii owners that use this feature can take advantage of free flash Wii games that are built into multiple websites. While a lot of the games may seem made for children, there are titles that cater to adults. These games feature relatively simple controls and gameplay, but they are free and offer expanded use of the Wii.


Relive the classic arcade game "Tetris" on your Nintendo Wii. This clone features all of the same pieces and classic music of the original game. To play, turn the Wii remote sideways. Direct the pieces using your directional buttons and rotate pieces by pressing the “2” button. Achieve high scores and increase difficulty as you progress through each level.

501 Darts

When it’s past "last call," you can still enjoy a fun game of darts on the Nintendo Wii. In "501 Darts," the objective is to get points and subtract those points until you reach zero. To throw the darts, fling the Wii remote upwards and press the “A” button on your controller. The controls usually take a couple of turns to get used to, but once you do the game becomes easier and quite fun to play.

Die Hard Boxing

Play boxing with famous “Die Hard” characters, including Bruce Willis. Hold down the “A” button and swing the Wii controller to punch other players. When the computer punches back, move your remote to the left or right to avoid getting hit. The game features multiple rounds of boxing before the final match.


Turn your Wii remote into a gun with the flash game “Amok.” The game is a recreation of classic carnival style shooting games, where various objects appear as your target. In each round, you have 90 seconds to shoot the objects on the screen including cans, bottles, and signs. If you reach 2,000 points, you move onto the next level.

Deal or No Deal

Choose the right suitcase and put all your money on the line in a fun recreation of the game show “Deal or No Deal.” Use the Wii controller to select various suitcases and wait for offers from the banker after each round. Take a deal or continue playing and risk it all.

Flash Chess

Challenge the computer in a game of chess. The game features simple graphics, but it is easy to control pieces and make moves with the Wii controller. The game uses standard chess rules and features classic black and white pieces.