How to Create a Background for Poser

By Daniel Ketchum

Updated September 15, 2017

3D models are used for many purposes.
i colorful 3d cube image by Gongea Alexandru from

Poser is one of the most popular and versatile consumer level 3D rendering and animation programs on the market. Recent versions have archived a level of sophistication where even some professionals are starting to use the program. Poser comes with a wide array of models, and users can add more content (that they purchase or download for free) to its libraries. In addition, Poser can import other 3D content models directly into a scene. All this makes the program quite versatile when building scenes. One other useful feature is the ability to use an image like a photo as a background in a scene. This can be useful for creating the illusion that your 3D figures are at a real world location.

Load the image that you would like to use as the basis for your background on your computer. You can do this either by transferring the image from a digital source like a camera or a photo CD or by scanning it in. If you do use a scanner, make sure you use a quality printed image and that you set the scanner software to at least 600 DPI.

Choose the size that you want to final image to be based on the proportions of your project. Then open the image in Microsoft Paint to edit it to fit. To do this, click on “Image” in the menu and choose “Attributes.” In the dialog, make the height and width what you want and click “OK.”

Select “File” and click “Save.” In the dialog name the file and save it as a high resolution JPEG.

Open Poser. Select “File” and open an existing scene file. Alternatively, start a new scene.

Select “File” and click “Import “Background Image.” Browse to your image and open it. If it is a new scene, the dialog will ask if you want to adjust the windows to match. Click “Yes.”

Select “Display” and turn off “Ground Shadows.” Select “File” and click “Save” to save your work.