Submarine Games for Macintosh

By Evan Gillespie

Updated September 22, 2017

i us pampanito american submarine in san francisco image by Albo from

Submarines, those wolves of the sea, have long been a favorite subject for gamers; the thrill of hunting for the enemy, coupled with the terrifying prospect of being trapped in the depths, makes for a powerful gaming experience. Macintosh users have always faced a limited selection of submarine games, but these games provide a variety of seafaring scenarios, from the futuristic to the historic.


The apocalyptic scenario of this arcade-style underwater game is not terribly original, but plot isn't necessarily the point. Players pilot miniature subs in a race to find a rare, energy-producing element (called, unsurprisingly, "Rarium"), all the while dodging attacks from rival hunters in fierce naval battles. Available in versions for Windows and Linux as well as Mac OS X, "Waterstorm" features several different game modes.

Danger From the Deep

The Mac OS port of this Open Source freeware World War II submarine simulator was released in 2007, and it remains a popular sub game on various platforms. The game is a tactical simulation of a WWII submarine, and it features realistic water and sky models and a variety of enemy craft.

Battlestations Midway

Submarines are just one of a huge variety of war machines that players can control in this ambitious strategic game from Feral Interactive. A tactical simulation that allows players to dive into the Pacific theater of World War II, "Battlestations Midway" features more than 60 controllable airplanes, ships and submarines, and the game attempts to provide a realistic representation of the war in the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor to the climactic Battle of Midway. Players can control the action both on a wide, tactical scale and on the level of individual battles. Internet play is also supported.