How to Find Verizon Cell Towers

By Amanda C. Kooser

Updated September 28, 2017

Cell phone towers provide signals for cell phone users.
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Cell phone carriers often talk about the coverage areas of their networks. Cell towers are used to provide service in both urban and rural areas. Verizon users or people who are contemplating joining Verizon can find the locations of Verizon cell towers. This can help you determine if you will have good coverage in a certain area or why you may be having reception problems when making and receiving calls.

Visit the Cell Reception website and view the Towers page (see Resources).

Type in the city, select the state from the drop-down menu and click "Go." You will see a map with markers for all cell phone towers in the area -- those for Verizon and other companies.

Click the Verizon check box above the map to filter out all towers other than Verizon's.

Click on each of the markers on the map to see the address of the tower.


Check the coverage map on the Verizon Wireless website (see References) to help determine if your location is in a strong coverage area.

Most, but not all, cell towers are registered with the FCC.

Landscape and obstructions can also impact cell phone reception.