How to Change Credit Card Information on XBox Live

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

Use your Xbox 360 to update the credit card information on your Xbox LIVE account.
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Xbox LIVE is an online service that allows users to create membership accounts to play games online through the Xbox 360 video game console. When signing up for Xbox LIVE, users must give credit card information to sign up for a specific plan. You can change the credit card information that you signed up with at any time by accessing your account information online or with your Xbox 360. You can also change other account information or update your Xbox LIVE plan.


Go to the Microsoft Billing and Account webpage. Sign in with your Windows Live ID and password.

Click on the Xbox LIVE payment method for which you want to change the credit card information.

Click on the “Go to payment method information” option. Click on the “Edit payment method information” option.

Enter new credit card information, including the type of credit card, number, three-digit number from the back of the card and expiration date.

Click on the “Save” option. The new credit card information will be saved for your Xbox LIVE account.

Xbox 360

Click on the “My Xbox” option from the main menu when you start your Xbox 360. Click on your Xbox LIVE profile.

Click on the “Manage Account” option and then click on the “Memberships” option. Select the type of membership that you want to change.

Click on the “Change Payment Options” option. Change your existing credit card information to the new credit card information including expiration date, credit card number, three-digit number on the back and type of credit card.

Press the “X” button when you’re finished entering the new information. Your new credit card information will then be saved to your Xbox LIVE account.