How to Make a Movie with Pictures

By Pamela Miller

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windows Movie Maker

  • Digital camera

  • Camera USB cable

With editing software readily available, making movies from your photos is accessible and feasible. Though you have a lot of PC software to choose from, Windows' popular Movie Maker program dispenses with the technical jargon and cuts to the core of home movie-making. The Movie Maker process--intuitive and suitable for novice as well as experienced users--allows you to use your creativity.


Connect the digital camera to the PC by using the USB cable. When asked what action you would like to take, click on "Import Images."


Open Windows Movie Maker software on your PC. If the program did not come standard on your computer, visit the Windows website for a free download. On the Movie Maker toolbar, click "Add Images/Photos." Find the images you would like to add to your movie and click "Open."


Find your images on the right side of the screen. Click and drag the images to fit the order you prefer. Click on Edit on the toolbar to adjust the time length spent on each photo. Next to the box labeled "Duration," select anywhere between one and 30 seconds.


Click on the Visual Effects tab on the toolbar if you would like to change the photos' effects. Here, you can adjust the coloring and other effects of each photograph.

Click on the Animations tab on the toolbar to add transitions between photos, as well as Pan and Zoom effects. Scroll through the box labeled Transitions and choose from four options, including cross-fade or pixelate dissolve.


Add music to your movie by clicking on the Add Music tab under the Home menu. A box will pop up that allows you to import your own downloaded music into your movie. Once your music is added, you can make adjustments by clicking on the Music Tools tab located in the top right corner of the screen.


Click the Play button located under the left portion of your screen to see your finished product. If you are unsatisfied with your result, you can continue editing.


If you would like to share your movie with others, find the box labeled "Sharing" under the home menu. There, you can burn your movie to a DVD or even share it on YouTube.

Window Movie Maker usually comes standard on most PC, but if you do not have the program yet you can download it at (see Resources below). You can also upgrade your existing software at the website.


These steps pertain to Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows 7. Earlier versions of Movie Maker are similar in their function and accessibility.

Apple does not offer Movie Maker for the Mac, but their programs--such as iMovie--are also simple and easy to understand.